Personalized Medicine Convention

The International Event for Personalized Medicine

Cologne // 30.11. + 01.12.2016

Save the Date!  7. PerMediCon, April 18th + 19th 2018, Theater am Tanzbrunnen, Cologne








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The Innovative Congress

for personalized medicine

Top-class interdisciplinary discussions in front of an international audience: According to the motto “Redefining Health Care in the Genome Aera”  experts from different countries discuss progress and challenges in personalized medicine. Key topic of the two-day congress exhibition of this year is the Genomic Oncology, from particular interest to patient benefit.


The following topics are, among other things, discussed controversially:

What does Genomic Oncology require?

- evidence-based performance controlling

- specialization and centralization

- cross-sectoral cooperation

- new skills for the medical profession

- “Health Literacy“ in the broader public


The exhibition area with numerous enterprise offers plenty of  space for networking, personal exchange and detailed specialist discussions.


The scientific program is once again enriched by the “Call for Projects”. Innovative and practical oriented projects products, technologies and services in the context of personalized medicine are presented.


PerMediCon unites three different meeting formats in one event: Congress, Trade Exhibition and Call for Projects. The superordinate objective was to enable participants from different disciplines and therapeutic areas to learn from each other and to form networks in order to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of personalized medicine into medical practice – for the benefit of the patients’ health.


The congress

The central challenges and opportunities of personalized medicine will be discussed in an interdisciplinary way by internationally renowned experts.

The exhibition

Representatives from science, research, industry and services as well as from associations and institutions will present their contributions to personalized medicine.


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Call for Projects

presents projects related to personalized medicine in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics, healthcare IT, medical technology and pharmaceuticals


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Partnership for the Future

PerMediCon and the Center for Integrated Oncology

For the second time PerMediCon 2016 takes place in cooperation with the Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO) Cologne Bonn and the Center for Genetically Related Breast and Ovarian Cancer.


The Center for Integrated Oncology Cologne Bonn was founded in 2007 and is once again awarded as Top Oncological Centre of the German Cancer Aid since 2008.


In the network of the University Clinics Cologne and Bonn all are working on the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients diagnosed with cancer participating clinics and institutes. The goal is the consistent and steady improvement in the treatment and care of cancer patients.

This is achieved by optimizing the interdisciplinary collaboration of clinical subjects, a comprehensive psycho-oncological care of the patients and by close integration of clinical care with the basic and clinical research. The close links with general practitioners and hospitals is a central concern of the CIO.



Svenja Schulze

Minister of Innovation, Science and Research of the German State of North-Rhine-Westphalia



Key Issue 2016: Genome Oncology

The greatest progress in personalized medicine is the development in oncology. There are already many approved drugs. Hardly a month passes without reports on new, promising drugs. Traditional therapy concepts are on trial. Interdisciplinary approaches are the focus. Therefore clinics and specialist practices need to be adjusted organization to this development by new networks and forms if they want to treat their patients according to the latest research.


As part of the congress - under the scientific leadership of Congress Presidents Prof. Dr. Rita Schmutzler and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wolf - international experts present latest research findings and innovations in personalized cancer care.


The aim of the congress is to provide the exchange with participating physicians, researchers and clinics to establish the personalized cancer therapy for the future.


In addition, it is also important to position Germany as a location for internationally visible innovation for Health Research.


The target audience of PerMediCon

PerMediCon’s holistic approach serves to address the following target groups:

Patient care

Doctors, pharmacists, decision-makers
and managers at hospitals

Policy shapers

Politics, business, ethics councils, cost-bearers, regulatory bodies, quality assurance

Organisations & interest groups

(trade) associations, patient organisations, clusters, networks, support programmes, public institutions

Industry and service providers

Pharmaceutics, diagnostics/analytics, biotechnology, medical engineering, health IT, clinical research organisations, medical/diagnostics laboratories, consulting, biobanks

Science & research

Universities, technical schools, fundamental research, industry-sponsored research

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